Colorado Media Matters' Bill Menezes lands on his feet

The demise of Colorado Media Matters in March

silenced a progressive organization that tirelessly attacked what it described as conservative misinformation in the media. But there's life after left-leaning advocacy for CMM frontman Bill Menezes. The former

Denver Post

reporter is now a senior account director for Denver's

VisiTech Public Relations

, a boutique agency specializing in the tech field. "As a tech journalist, I spent a number of years as a reporter or lead editor for such Denver-based national B-to-B publications as

Wireless Week


Broadband Week


Multichannel News

covering the same tech sectors and trends I'll now be working with from the PR side," Menezes notes via e-mail. "I've always had a personal passion for tech, and while working on several freelance projects over the past couple of months have found myself drawn inexorably back into it."

Might as well, now that he doesn't have "Gunny" Bob Newman to kick around anymore.

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