Reader: The Worst Drivers in Colorado Have Out-of-State Plates

Reader: The Worst Drivers in Colorado Have Out-of-State Plates

The mountains were lovely this weekend, and the traffic heading back to Denver? Not so much. While you stare for hours at the Texas plate in front of you as you inch down Interstate 70, you'll have plenty of time to consider the current state of Colorado roads...and the drivers on them, who always inspire plenty of comments from readers. Says Donna:

 I’ve lived here since the '70s and drivers weren’t this bad until the last few years. The roads have always been crappy because of our weather, but the worst drivers I’ve dealt with recently have had out-of-state plates. Oh, and BTW, if the drivers are so much better where you’re from...please feel free to go home.

Replies Bre: 

People will say it's the people moving here that drive badly, however, living here for thirteen years I've seen just as many cars with native stickers driving like crap as the transplants.

Adds Emily:  

I love how people from Denver bitch about everyone on the roads like they didn’t get their driver's licenses down at the Kmart...straight up some of the shittiest, most vindictive drivers I’ve ever experienced.

Notes Nick: 

I've lived all over the country man and drivers in Denver are straight-up dangerous. They drive aggressively AND poorly. This is compared to NY, LA and Boston. Those are places with safe aggressive drivers. This is not that.

Adds Scott: 

Add Dallas and Houston to that list. There's a lot of traffic and idiot drivers in those places, but they sure handle traffic a lot better than the Colorado folks (and the massive increase in my car insurance from Texas to Colorado is proof)

But then there's this from Gus: 

I’m from Texas and I have to say I am starting to agree with the locals who blame the reckless driving on transplants like me. People in Dallas drive way more aggressively than they do here. I always have to remind myself to chill out. No one really seems to be in too much of a hurry. When I do almost get run over, it’s been someone with Texas tags. 

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Reader: The Worst Drivers in Colorado Have Out-of-State Plates
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Everyone in Colorado, it seems, is angry about traffic and all the newcomers clogging up the inadequate roads. But even drivers who grew up in Colorado aren't immune to criticism.

Colorado hasn't increased its 22-cent gas tax, which funds state highway projects, since 1993, which is projected to create a $9 billion shortfall over the next decade, according to state transportation officials. The backlog primarily consists of high-priority projects, including relieving the I-70 bottleneck at Floyd Hill that is certain to be jammed today.

In November, Colorado voters will face competing initiatives on how to fund transportation projects. And one reader has a third idea: "How about actually doing something about the transplants who refuse to change their plates and pay for the roads?"

What do you think of drivers in Colorado? The state of our roads? Post a comment or send an email to editorial@westword.com.

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