Opening Day in downtown Denver.
Opening Day in downtown Denver.
Jacqueline Collins

Reader: We Can Celebrate If the Rockies Keep Winning

Opening Day weekend festivities continue, but while the Colorado Rockies again take Coors Field, some fans worry about what's going on outside the ballpark. Does Denver really need to party on Opening Day? Not according to Stephany: 

I could care less about all the partying. I'm just there for the baseball. The drunk, high people just ruin it for the rest of us. I think Opening Day should be a holiday, though, because baseball is America's pastime.

Adds Sher:  

Just another reason to party. The Rockies need to start winning, and then we should celebrate! Most people tell me they just go drink all day...the parking jumps to $80 and $100 downtown...it's disruptive and the people that live down there are furious! They need people to pick up all the garbage! It's gross!!

Concludes Tim: 

Not until they win something... people in Colorado really don't need just another day to get drunk.

Where were you on Opening Day? In the ballpark, or partying in LoDo? Do you think the Rockies are reason to celebrate?

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