Colorado Springs lives it up with new logo and slogan

When you think of Colorado Springs, what do you think of? Pikes Peak? The Garden of the Gods? The Broadmoor? The Air Force Academy? Ted Haggard? Yesterday, while Visit Denver's annual meeting was learning that National Geographic Traveler will feature Denver next year as soon as the magazine can find "the true personality of this place," the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau was revealing its own unique identity: "It's time for the city to brand itself, rather than be branded by people outside the community," said Doug Price, CEO of the CVB.

So Colorado Springs wants people outside of the community to think that the city is filled with eighty-year-olds testing out their fancy graphics programs on a new retirement-home logo?

The good news is that the project cost just $111,000. Let's hope that Visit Denver doesn't hire the same branding company when it launches its hand-wringing attempt to define its own "true personality."

Live it up!

It worked so well for Ted Haggard.

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