Colorado State University smells like... deer and locker rooms?

Yesterday, National Public Radio aired a story about Masik Collegiate Fragrances of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which is developing a line of scents that are supposed to capture the essences of specific universities. Thus far, the firm has only come up with fragrances for Penn State and the University of North Carolina -- so an intrepid NPR correspondent headed out to the streets to ask grads from other schools what smell would best capture their alma mater. The first person who speaks is Yvonne, a Colorado State University alum, who says, "If they were to make a perfume that personified Colorado State University, it would have to be a mixture of deer -- because there are a lot of veterinary majors -- and it would have to be, probably, locker room, because of all the football games we always used to go to."

Eau de Bambi Ballers? Sounds enticing. Hear the rest of the feature by clicking here. -- Michael Roberts

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