Colorado's new logo, the Peak, inspires peak parodies

The "Peak." That's what Colorado's new logo has been dubbed -- officially, at least. But plenty of people have their own, unofficial nicknames for the green-and-white triangle introduced yesterday by brandcolorado.gov as the state's next brand. When we reported yesterday on the new slogan, "It's our nature," readers also weighed in on the logo. "Dull mountain triangle" was the most polite review; "godawful" and "frickin' road sign" were more typical. But at least the Peak has inspired a peak parody.

The just-released image has already inspired not just snickers, but spoofs. "I like my version better," says the Rev. B. Baker. "Cannabis, it's our nature in Colorado!" He's posted it on his Facebook page and says, "Feel free to spread it far and wide!"

Have you seen other parodies of the Peak? Created your own? Post them below.

And remember, it's our nature to be creative cusses here in Colorado.

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