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Continental Divided: Our guide to the ten states of Colorado

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4) Methopotamia (Northwestern Colorado) Colorado's roomy, less populous northwest quarter has always been a place of highly flexible speed limits and rugged individualism. Nothing out here but the occasional fossil or fossil-fuel-fired power plant. And cows. And dinosaur bones. And a Kum & Go. And more dinosaur bones. And another Kum & Go. And Utah. And -- man, I got to get me some meth. 3) Mesapotamia (Grand Junction to Durango) The dramatic mesas and gaping canyons of western Colorado have always held a certain attraction for those looking for a place to retire, from the cliff dwellers of ancient times to today's snowbirds and empty-nesters. Tours of wineries and organic orchards, hayrides, prairie-dog shoots and river rafting are part of the charming local customs that help ease the way to one's dotage. Just watch out for the wildlife on the roads, the whitewater around the bend, and the uranium tailings upwind -- or the journey might be shorter than anticipated. Keep reading for our last two states of Colorado.
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