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Reader: Westword Is the A$$hole for Publishing COVID-19 Guide

Spotted at Operation Gridlock in April at the Colorado Capitol.
Spotted at Operation Gridlock in April at the Colorado Capitol. Evan Semón
Since the start of Colorado's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been reporting about the safety practices recommended by state health officials — masks, for example, which Governor Jared Polis has heartily endorsed — as well as the people who haven't been following them.

To help readers spot these folks in advance, so that they could be sure to keep at least six feet away, Michael Roberts offered a handy field guide, "How to Identify a Denver COVID-19 Asshole."

Some readers didn't appreciate the help...or the humor. Says Jay: 
Westword is the a$$hole for publishing this COVID-19 guide.
Adds Bridget: 
This is the dumbest article I have ever read. Snoozing Westword for life.
Counters Carol: 
Except for all the interrupting advertisements, this article is pretty funny! I get the blatant slams at the "unaffected," mostly male attitudes. Until every family has been infected and affected by this virus, there will be pushback.
Asks John:
Westword, do you need real journalists who will write articles that people actually give a shit about or do you want to continue to devolve into the flaming pile of hot garbage that you currently have become by continuing to employ journalistic hacks like Michael Roberts?
Responds Andrew: 
Well said, Michael Roberts.

Comments John: 
I remember when Westword was worth reading. Sad.
Adds Dena:
This is a sad article generated to bring more hate at a time when we should be trying to come together most. America is about freedoms and liberties and this article promotes a 'my way or no way' attitude. You don’t know someone else’s story, and maybe everything would be better with more love and support and less judgment. As long as you do what is best for you, why do you need to blast others? Here’s to hoping for peace and love one day.
Reports JD:
 I will be reporting Westword and the writer of “Covid-19 A$$holes” to the Better Business Bureau and through social media. I have to say it is appalling to know the Editor allows for suck disgusting material to grace their pages. I assume you are a far-left medium who has socialist leanings because ANYONE else would see the pathetically poorly written and grossly stereotypical article as at best a terrible attempt at news. We exist in a country where individuals have a right to have an opinion. We DO NOT live in a leftist bubble. You have clearly chosen the side of communism and fascism. (Note that you can ONLY be fascist through socialism. You lefties don’t seem to grasp that but it is one of the easier ideas of political systems.) This article needs to be taken down and an apology must be made. I DO NOT WANT THE AUTHOR TO LOSE HIS JOB. I say that because you are clearly a DNC mouthpiece and canceling is your whole identity. Please don’t. We on the right appreciate different opinions. We disagree of course but we don’t throw such vibe hate like you and the author of this gross article. I will be following up with the BBB, I will be posting through social media (I have 123k followers and many are local businesses) and I will be calling your office to file a formal complaint internally. DO BETTER. BE BETTER. TRY HARDER.
And John concludes: 
Such an awesome article... but all the COVID assholes commenting on it make it perfect. They’re just adding to the list!
During his long tenure at Westword, Michael Roberts has covered everything from music to the media to, yes, masks — and the political and cultural divisions over wearing them.

What do you think of his COVID-19 coverage? Of Polis's recommendation that masks continue to be worn outside the home? Post a comment or email your thoughts to [email protected]
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