Craig readers' free Sunday Denver Post deal at an end

Subscribers to the Craig Daily Press, the largest newspaper in Craig, a community in the state's northwest quadrant, have regularly received a bonus: a copy of the Sunday Denver Post, delivered sans additional charge. But no more. Today, the Daily Press is telling readers that the free deal is done as of July 12. Customers who still want the Sunday Post will now be asked to pay an additional $39 per year, and other subscription options for the Denver daily remain available. That's unexpected in light of the Post's April announcement about ending weekday delivery in "outlying areas." Indeed, Daily Press circulation manager Amy Fontenot notes that nothing similar will be available in numerous other places on the Western Slope, including Grand Junction, a much more populace community than Craig. In that respect, Craig residents are fortunate -- although they may not feel that way when they have to choose between writing a big check or forgoing the Sunday Post entirely.


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