Dan Caplis, designated Sarah Palin introducer

Dan Caplis.

As he did during the John McCain-Sarah Palin appearance in Colorado Springs mere days after the end of the Republican National Convention, KHOW radio host Dan Caplis served as emcee at Palin's appearance at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds today. And although he's known for his way with words, he didn't come up with any fresh phrases to describe the greatness of McCain, Palin and their collective cause. Rather, he specialized in variations on Democratic lines used to promote Barack Obama. After noting that the Dems use the slogan "Yes, we can," he declared that these three words left out half of all American voters -- and then led the throng in a chant of "Yes, women can!" (Wonder if he was similarly enthused 24 years ago when Geraldine Ferraro was Walter Mondale's veep candidate...) Caplis subsequently duplicated this routine with a twist on the DNC's "change" theme, repeating "Real change! Real change!" Guess this proves that Republicans are more environmentally conscious than their critics believe -- since nearly everything he said had been recycled. -- Michael Roberts

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