Dan Caplis to host McCain-Palin love fest in the Springs

Dan Caplis.

It's not as if KHOW talk-show host Dan Caplis has tried to maintain his objectivity in covering the 2008 presidential race -- witness "The Obama Tapes," a misbegotten jihad against Barack Obama; the "research" Caplis did in compiling it consists primarily of having listened to one of Obama's audio books. But the circle of partisanship will be completed on Saturday, when Caplis emcees a rally featuring Republican ticket-mates John McCain and Sarah Palin in the conservative beachhead of Colorado Springs. No word as to whether Craig Silverman, Caplis' afternoon-drive co-host, will be sitting to the side of the stage, muttering to himself while no one listens.

Click "More" to read KHOW's press release about the event, whose 10,000 free tickets are already gonesville. -- Michael Roberts


Dan Caplis to Emcee McCain/Palin Rally in Colorado Springs

Denver, CO, September 4th, 2008… Dan Caplis, co-host of the Caplis and Silverman Show on 630 KHOW will emcee the Road to Victory Rally being held in Colorado Springs this Saturday, September 6th. The rally will take place at the Colorado Jet Center on 1575 Aviation Way in Colorado Springs and doors will open at 9am. Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin are expected to take the stage together in one of their first appearances as the Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees.

The Caplis and Silverman Show can be heard from 3 to 6 PM on 630 KHOW and streamed live at Find out more at here.

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