Dan Hawkins' CU Buffs vs. Texas A&M: Way past the point for moral victories

CU Buffs coach Dan Hawkins certainly talks a good game. But his focus on his squad's second-half performance against Missouri after the Tigers put up 33 consecutive points in the first smacked of desperation that only deepend when underutilized star recruit Darrell Scott decided to abandon CU's sinking ship this week.

Despite votes of confidence from his CU superiors, Hawkins' unemployment future is easily twice as terrifying as Paranormal Activity -- and the only way he won't wind up on the cutting-room floor by season's end is if he manages to string together some wins, beginning this weekend against Texas A&M. The Aggies are 5-3, with some quality wins (against Texas Tech and Iowa State) to go along with inexplicable lapses (namely, a 62-14 lay-down to Kansas State). As such, the Buffs either need an off-game from A&M talents like Von Miller, who leads the nation in sacks, or they must put together the kind of performance that they've managed only once in 2009 (against Kansas). And close won't be close enough this time. No amount of attaboy excuses from Hawkins will turn an "L" into a de facto "W." Period.

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