Dan Maes needs a job! Here's our list of the top five possible professions (other than governor)

Was Dan Maes offered a deal, maybe even a govement job, to drop out of the governor's race? The blogosphere was abuzz after the Post's Lynn Bartels broke the Maes story, wondering who might have made the offer.

The bigger question: What job could you possibly give Dan Maes? Here are five possibilities:

1) Head of the Commission on the Aging. Just look at the sensitivity that Maes has shown to 83-year-old politico Freda Poundstone.

2) Résumé writer. Don't have any fancy credentials? Don't worry -- neither did Maes, but that didn't stop him from beefing up his web site.

3) Head of the Gaming Division. Maes's "undercover" work in Kansas involved an alleged gambling ring -- but resulted in no arrests that anyone can recall. That's the kind of tough oversight Colorado casinos would like to see.

4) Long-distance driver. Judging from the amount Maes has reimbursed himself for mileage from his campaign coffers, this guy is a tireless driver. Or tireless fact-fudger.

5) Magician. How, exactly, did this guy wind up the Republican candidate for governor?

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