Dan Maes's $500,000-in-a-day fundraising goal falls over $400,000 short, spokesman says

Dan Maes's embattled campaign for governor has been perpetually short of funds. With that in mind, the Republican nominee's finance committee sent out a release last week declaring the intention to raise $500,000 in a single day, September 17. How close did they come? Not very. Maes campaign spokesman Nate Strauch acknowledges that the amount collected fell short of six figures.

Here's the original e-mail, time-stamped at 4:15 a.m. this past Friday:

Make History Again TODAY With Dan Maes Campaign

Today is a critically important day to all Americans because it is the anniversary of the signing of our Constitution on September 17th, 1787. It is also a critical day for our campaign. If you haven't seen the email series from AJ Reagan on how we are going to make history today then let me just say that this is the day we are going to raise $500,000.00 thru small and medium donations to show the establishment and the Colorado voter that we have the support needed to win. We need your help. Go to my website and encourage your friends and family to do so also at and contribute. We are interested in donations from $5 to $1,050 per person. If you can't go there then mail a check today to: Friends of Dan Maes 11 W. Hampden Ave. Englewood, CO 80013.

Forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to contribute to our historic cause!

When asked about this entreaty, Strauch confirms that $500,000 "was certainly the goal of our finance campaign. They set their sights very high. And it was a very good fundraising day. But did we get to $500,000? No, we did not."

Strauch adds that he doesn't have totals for the day at this point -- "but suffice it to say it was not in six figures."

The next release from the Maes campaign office, sent on Monday, made no mention of last Friday's fundraising blitz. Instead, it promoted an event slated for this Friday, September 24 -- a pizza party at the home of Kathy Schlegel, the director of Maes's campaign in Elbert County. Does that mean Maes is going back to his grassroots-style fundraising approach?

"That's certainly been his focus throughout," Strauch points out. "If you look at how he's risen from the grassroots, that's the kind of venue he's very comfortable in. But that's not to say he isn't going after the bigger-fish sort of support."

In the meantime, Larry Sabato, the nationally known mouthpiece for the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, recently reiterated his sense that Colorado's gubernatorial contest is already over -- with Maes and Tancredo splitting the vote, Democrat John Hickenlooper is "the unofficial governor-elect," Sabato believes.

This statement earns a laugh from Strauch, who says, "There's a lot of time between now and election day, and a lot can happen. Dan has taken the position of attending as many events as possible -- trying to get his name and his story out as far and wide as possible. And he's convinced that it's the right strategy to take the election from the mayor."

Page down to get the details about this Friday's Maes pizza party:

Please Join Us.....

This is a crucial time for Colorado.

The next Governor will not only be the executive for the state, but will also have a huge impact on judicial appointments that will affect all of us, as well as a major effect on redistricting.

Dan Maes is the only candidate in the race for governor with a solid plan to re-energize Colorado's economy and put Coloradans back to work. Dan is NOT a career politician (haven't we learned by now that isn't working so well!), he is a proven leader with 25+ years of successful business experience, he is a fiscal conservative who wants to control government spending, enforce current immigration laws to crack down on illegal immigration, and he is a father who cares about the quality of our education process.

By traveling extensively throughout the state over the last 18 months, Dan has met countless citizens, listening to their concerns and stating his goals for Colorado. The result is he earned the most votes at the Republican State Assembly, and he surprised everyone (except his supporters) by winning the most votes in the Primary Election. And he did it by spending less than 10% of his primary opponent. Isn't THAT refreshing!

The reality is the final phase of this election (Dan calls it the 4th quarter) will take money to reach millions of voters via print, radio, and TV. No one likes to ask for donations. Rather than what it will cost you to donate, consider what it will cost you if you don't donate. Consider just the last two years of increases in your license plate TAXES (they can call them "fees" but they're TAXES!) and donate that if you can. A conservative governor with a conservative house and senate can repeal these unfair taxes that have been forced on us.

Party elites and media talking heads are doing you a disservice, and you can hear from the candidate personally to make your own decision. It's happening in Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Colorado and other races around the nation - throw in a third candidate to split the conservative vote because that's the only way the socialists can keep their control. Both major parties are doing it, and if the People don't stand up to this and get involved, there will be no need for elections ever again.

Please see the attached invitation to a fund raiser PIZZA PARTY we're hosting in our home on Friday night, September 24th at 6:00 pm. It will be a limited amount of people we can accommodate, so if you'd like to come and spend some personal time with Dan Maes, please - RSVP NO LATER THAN WED., SEPT. 22nd - to save your spot. Share this information with others, bring a friend, and spread the word! The voters of Colorado WILL have their vote counted!!!

We encourage you to visit Dan's website at for more information. Dan would love to have your support and your vote! And he's proven that he is willing to do the work to EARN it!!

Kurt & Kathy Schlegel 2370 Antelope Ridge Trl. Parker, CO 80138 (Located in the NW corner of Elbert County) RSVP to [email protected]


Kathy Schlegel County Director -- Elbert County Dan Maes for Governor "Re-Energizing Colorado" 303-781-6237 (Maes office)

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