Dan Sheridan gets canned for singing about big money, a Strange but True story from 2010

Westword's annual Strange but True edition will hit newsstands (and this website) on December 30, featuring the weirdest and wackiest Colorado stories from 2010.

Remember Jihad Jamie? How about the guy who re-labeled Gatorade bottles with pictures of Tiger Woods? And then there was Dan Sheridan:

Dan Sheridan has lived in Aspen for twenty years and he's seen a lot of changes - changes for the worse.

On New Year's Day, the 44-year-old musician performed his 2003 song about these changes, "Big Money," at Sneaky's, a bar owned by the Aspen Skiing Company, and was promptly fired. After patrons protested, the company said it had made a mistake and offered to bring him back.

Here's a sample of the lyrics:

"Well it happened in Aspen And down in Santa Fe It happens everywhere when the locals move away They can't afford to live here, they can't afford the rent Unless they win the lottery or live in a tent I think big money sucks Please write that down Please take a look what it did to this town Trophy houses, trophy wives, trophy people leading trophy lives Down in the graves you can hear the miners say Big money ruins everything."

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