Reader: River Sports Are Inherently Dangerous; Play It Safe

Reader: River Sports Are Inherently Dangerous; Play It Safe Dimitrov
It was a tragic week on Colorado's waterways. On just June 27 alone, three people died in water sport-related accidents. This being Colorado, readers offered tips under the story on Facebook about how to stay safe in the water.

Offers Beth:
Although rivers are extremely dangerous during spring and early summer run off, many deaths are actually related to cardiac arrest which occurs as a result of panic/stress combined with cold water and strenuous physical activity. Not to say that there aren't actual drownings (please wear PFDs at all times) but the majority of deaths on commercial trips especially are people who aren't physically capable (whether they know it or not) to withstand a swim in cold water.

Says Gilbert:
End of june and beginning of july are the highest waters....when rafting you need to follow orders and keep that foot tucked in.....#whitewaterrafting101

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