David Cabral, deaf mute who's blind in one eye, arrested for driving drunk in Boulder

No one should get behind the wheel when they're drunk -- but some people should really, really, really not guzzle and drive.

Like David Cabral, 23, who happens to be blind in one eye. Which may account for him nearly running over several people after downing four drinks.

The incident reportedly took place very early on Friday morning on University Hill near Broadway and 16th Street. A Boulder Police officer saw the driver of a 2009 Toyota Matrix sit through part of a green light -- and when he finally realized he could go, he tried to execute a turn but whacked into the median instead.

When the officer ambled up to the car, he was addressed by a passenger. She noted that Cabral, who hails from Spain, can't speak and is also deaf and blind in his right eye. However, he does communicate via sign language, and with the passenger's help, he admitted that he'd had two beers and two shots about an hour before his accident.

Which accounts for him blowing a .179 in an initial breathalyzer test and a .158 even after being taken to Boulder County Jail on suspicion of drunk driving.

As for the passenger, we suspect her of being either incredibly brave or having a death wish. Here's a larger version of Cabral's mug shot.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.