DeAngelo Starnes is "recovering from media rape"

DeAngelo Starnes' Facebook photo.

DeAngelo Starnes apparently didn't enjoy landing on page one of the October 28 Denver Post -- and that's no surprise. After all, "Ex-Union Advisor's E-mail 'Crude,'" the article in question, focused on an embarrassing note in which he went after Amendment 47 co-author Ryan Frazier, an Aurora city councilman who starred in the Westword feature "Ryan Frazier Puts His Job on the Line for Amendment 47" and recent blogs such as "Instead of Bashing Him, Should Unions Be Thanking Ryan Frazier?" Specifically, the Post quoted Starnes as calling Ryan a "fucking sell-out" and either a "House Nigger" or a "House Negro" -- the number of dashes the Post used in reference to the N-word added a little ambiguity to the mix.

At any rate, the rightward-leaning Face the State website today published "Local 7's Starnes Sees Continued Fallout After Using Racial Slur," which quotes from Starnes' Facebook page. The subject notation on his Facebook wall for October 27, the day before the Post report saw print, shows that he knew trouble was coming: It reads, "DeAngelo is getting prepared for a news fallout that seeks to use him as a pawn." There are also two October 28 entires: "DeAngelo is recovering from media rape. It's rough and devastating," followed by "DeAngelo is bouncing back from a rough two weeks where he's been painted as an asshole." But things look up after that. His October 29 discussion topic reads, "DeAngelo is feeling better," while today's offering declares, "DeAngelo is reorganizing."

That's the kind of thing you'd expect from a union supporter. -- Michael Roberts

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