Dear Diary

I used to quake when I had to read during poetry class. It was bad enough just having to raise my voice to an audible level in front of unsubjective others, let alone having to bare my soul in public. But on the other hand, there was also a fleeting satisfaction in doing exactly that, and then in turn listening to others.

I think those nuts at Buntport Theater Company thought up their new bi-monthly, Monday-night Teacher's Pet open mic for people like me, the kind who don't necessarily leap to the limelight.

Actually, in a brilliant twist of serendipity, they've teamed with found-object maven Davy Rothbart's Found Magazine to host what they're billing as "show-and-tell with homework," a themed evening when folks overcome their stage fright by sharing Dear John letters, hidden fantasies or their deepest fears onstage, using whatever interpretive vehicle they prefer. The audience then votes for the top acts, and special prizes, some donated by Found, are handed out.

The first installment, "High School Confidential," which focuses on lost journals and yearbook entries, begins at 9 p.m. February 19 (performer sign-up is at 8 p.m., first-come, first-served); admission is $4 to $6. Buntport is at 717 Lipan Street; call 720-946-1388 or go to www.buntport.com. Love ya forever (heart)...don't miss it! --Susan Froyd

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