Reader: "The Traffic Here Isn't Sh*t," Get Over It!
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Reader: "The Traffic Here Isn't Sh*t," Get Over It!

Denver was recently named the sixth-best motoring city in the U.S., behind places like Charlotte and Fort Worth but ahead of New York, Dallas and Houston, just months after the state  was named one of the worst places for driving. Which made us wonder: What the hell?

Driving in Denver is no walk in the park, as some of our readers noted.

Says Brad:

Add to this that half the population doesn’t understand how to negotiate a four-way intersection or that they can turn right on red.

Notes Zenn:

CO DMV driving tests aren’t thorough at all. When I took the test we just drove around an office park for 5 minutes and that was it. Didn’t cover driving in traffic, on the highway, or parallel parking. All completely necessary for driving in Denver.

Argues Brian:

Boo hoo. “There’s too many SUV’s on the road." Get over it. The traffic here isn’t shit.

Explains Seth:

People give themselves huge gaps of space in tight rush hour traffic and when pulling up to lights. Like 2-3 vehicles worth of a gap. Drives me crazy.

Says Chris:

Has anyone thought about teaching Colorado the importance of turn signals? Or how about the basic speed law? Does Colorado have a drivers education? Does Colorado know what a red light means? These should be addressed in the next traffic article.

Argues Victoria:

Because most drivers suck! They drive reckless, they are rude, don’t let people in, they don’t use blinkers, speed, weave in and out of traffic, motorcyclists included. People cant merge, they ride your ass. They don’t give a crap about human life.

Responds Kerry:

Lol! Just moved here from Detroit - the transplants description made me laugh. NOT because I doubt that it's true of folks who come from places with even less inclement weather than we get here. But because it was so nice driving completely empty streets when everyone stayed home every time 4" of snow was in the forecast. ('Course half of those folks were probably actually driving through several feet of snow to get to their favorite slopes!) One thing I love in Denver is how folks stop to keep an intersection clear vs. blocking it in hopes the traffic in front of them will move before the light changes and they're blocking cross traffic. I've lived in several states and never experienced that before - is it law? Or are folks just super considerate??

Notes Kenneth:

Not that bad, try driving in Miami.

A number of factors fueled our doubts that the Mile High City should rate so high. For one thing, the source of "USA's Best Cities for Driving," which ranked Denver as the sixth-best motoring city in the nation (behind Charlotte, Fort Worth, Chicago, Philadelphia and Columbus but ahead of New York City, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston in the top ten) is Insure My Rental Car, which isn't exactly our go-to website for unimpeachable, rigorously researched analyses.

For another, a report released by Bankrate in December 2018 deemed Colorado the eighth-worst state for driving — and last time we checked, Denver is actually located in Colorado.

But the most important reason for our reaction had to do with our experiences on the streets of the Mile High City, which have been bad for years and are only getting worse.

What do you think about Denver's roads? This city's drivers? Let us know in a comment or at editorial@westword.com.

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