Delegating Denver #1 of 56: Alabama

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Recommendations for the Alabama Delegation: Most Alabamian Denver Neighborhood: City Park Most Alabamian Bar: P.S. Lounge 3416 East Colfax Avenue Try the Alabama Slammers!

Most Alabamian Place to Eat: Tom's Home Cookin' 800 East 26th Avenue The side dishes at Tom's are as varied and colorful as an Alabama delegate's many convention ensembles.

Suggested Colorado Day Trip: Click here for larger image At 5,280 feet above sea level, Denver is 2,873 feet above the 2,407 foot Cheaha Mountain, the highest point in Alabama. Delegates will already be gasping for air when they take in the beauty of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains during an afternoon drive up Interstate 25 to Fort Collins. But the sight of the bold letter "A," seen on the hogback above Colorado State University's Hughes Stadium in the crimsom-colored sunset of a late Colorado summer, will surely take their breath away.

-- Kenny Be

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