Delegating Denver #20 of 56: Kansas

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Most Kansan Denver Neighborhood: Southmoor Park

Most Kansan Bar: My Brother's Bar 2376 15th Street Drinking on the patio of Denver's oldest bar is a must for delegates from the state where liquor-by-the-drink is still only available in 47 of the 105 state counties.

Most Kansan Restaurant: Castle Cafe 403 Wilcox Street Castle Rock, Colorado Kansas City-style pan-fried chicken served in a cafe that's been serving home-away-from-home cooking since the 1890s.

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Best Day Trip: Mount Democrat, Mount Lincoln and Mount Bross

Kansas Democrats are not the effete liberal elites of Republican fundraisers' fantasies. Each and every one of them is a political hardbody who possesses the strength of two Republicans — which is critical, because Kansas Republicans have them outnumbered by a margin of nearly two to one. However, Kansas Dems have been in training since the days of the concealed-carry veto and gay-marriage ban, and have gained strength by defeating creationism in public schools when Republican power was at its peak. They are now pumped up and ready to lead the state to physical fitness. Because of this, Kansas delegates have earned the right, and the privilege, to ascend to the summit of the 14,148-foot Mount Democrat. From Denver, take U.S. Highway 285 south to Fairplay. Turn north on Colorado Highway 9 and drive six miles to downtown Alma, then follow the sign to Kite Lake. The trail starts at the lake and climbs the northeast face of Mount Democrat with a series of well-worn switchbacks. The entire Mosquito Range is visible from the summit. The peaks in this group are all names of Civil War Republican heroes, with the rebellious Mount Democrat renamed at a later date, in an act of restitution. From Mount Democrat, a Kansas delegate can easily "bag" the nearby "Republican" peaks of Mount Lincoln (14,238 feet) and Mount Bross (14,172 feet).

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