Delegating Denver #25 of 56: Massachusetts

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Most Massachusettsan Denver Neighborhood: University

Most Massachusettsan Bar: Scruffy Murphy's Irish Pub 2030 Larimer Street While only 12% of the U.S. population claims to be Irish, 24% of Massachusetts is of Irish ancestry. This is the most Irish place in Denver to say "Cheers!"

Most Massachusettsan Restaurant: Steuben's 523 East 17th Avenue Spaghetti, meatballs and lobster rolls on the same menu, and everything is prepared nostalgically for Massachusetts visitors by Massachusetts transplants.

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Most Massachusettsan Day Trip: Logan County Courthouse, Sterling, Colorado For the first 350 years of our history, Massachusetts set the standard for American educational and political thought. Not anymore. Today's public-school students, who are 97% less Mayflower-descendent, have little interest in pilgrims, tea parties or Paul Revere. And today's pundits compare the "liberal" nature of Massachusetts public policy to mental illness. What better way for Massachusetts delegates to see the change in America's political landscape than with a drive through Musgrave country? Interstate 76 north out of Denver runs right through Fort Morgan, home to Representative Marilyn Musgrave, America's most anti-Massachusetts member of Congress. There is nothing to fear out here in Colorado’s fourth congressional district; these Coloradans are the friendliest residents in the state. Bay State delegates will quickly learn that the scary politics of the area add up to little more than a fear of God and his smiting of generous farm subsidies. The highlight of the trip is a visit to the Logan County Courthouse in Sterling. In the hallways of the main floor, local history is interpreted in the lacquer-happy paintings of outsider artist Eugene Carara. Collectively, the pictures illustrate the people's progress through perseverance in the face of prairie hardships. For Massachusetts delegates, these historic vignettes will be like taking a look back into their own future.

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Sean Cronin