Delegating Denver #8 of 56: Connecticut

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Most Nutmegger Denver Neighborhood: Washington Park

Most Nutmegger Bar: J.R.'s Bar & Grill 777 East 17th Avenue The $2 Smirnoff Wednesday-night drink special will allow Nutmeggers to demonstrate why they have made civil unions legal in their state!

Most Nutmegger Restaurant: Proto's Pizza 2401 15th Street (enter on Platte Street) Inspired by the old pizzerias of the Connecticut shore, Proto's will have you thinking that you’re eating one of Joe Pepe's pies.

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Best Day Trip: Beaver Creek Most Americans probably think that the vast mountain scenery in Colorado is free for the viewing, but it's not true. The Colorado Rockies have all been aesthetically ranked, economically apportioned and offered by price points. Luckily, Connecticut has the highest per capita income of all the states in the union, and Nutmeggers will get to see and enjoy the best of what summer has to offer, in the most spectacular Colorado setting, with some fly fishing up in Beaver Creek, just outside of Vail. It'll cost plenty, but the nice thing is that this day trip just keeps getting better with the amount of money that gets spent. Add-ons include an hour-and-a-half family horseback ride along a rushing stream to a remote meadow, a personal fly-fishing guide and a sommelier. Not to mention a post-catch massage that exfoliates the skin with the essential oils pressed from nearby wildflowers while a celebrity chef prepares your trout in a blend of wild herbs infused in fresh-churned butter obtained from the meadow mule deer grazing on tender Aspen shoots. This is the kind of Colorado experience that used to be enjoyed by natives but now only a Nutmegger can afford!

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Sean Cronin