Denise Plante: KOSI host says magnets were perforating her son's intestines (X-RAY)

Most fans wouldn't expect a visit to the Murphy and Denise Facebook page to be disturbing. Yet a post from earlier today by KOSI morning-show host Denise Plante certainly qualifies. She shares a medical crisis currently being experienced by her son after he ate some tiny magnets, complete with an x-ray showing the portion of his digestive tract the pieces of metal have punctured.

Here's the x-ray.

According to Plante's narrative, her son had been playing with a ball that contained over twenty magnets -- "and doing what a kid does, he stuck them in his mouth while joking around." Problem is, he accidentally swallowed the magnets, "and he has now been thru three surgeries."

Why? Plante writes that the magnets "were pulling his intestines together," resulting in "5-6 holes in his intestines and one hole in his stomach."

The treatment regimen sounds horrific: "He is on a feeding tube and having his stomach pumped 24/7," Plante maintains. No wonder she urges parents not to buy the magnetic balls -- a toy of the sort that the Consumer Protection Agency reportedly warned parents against purchasing for children age six or under back in 2006.

Sounds like very good advice.

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