Denver Cop Uses B-cycle to Catch Wanted Suspect Jose Delgado

Why is the Denver Police Department singing the praises of  Denver B-cycle?

Because a cop recently used one of the ubiquitous red riders to track down a wanted suspect who rabbited when officers moved in.

On Wednesday, June 3, according to an account on the Denver Police Department Facebook page, law enforcers were tasked with locating and busting Jose Delgado, 28, who was wanted on multiple felony warrants and "was known to flee from officers."

Delgado lived up to this reputation after officers spotted him in the passenger seat of a vehicle near 19th Street and Little Raven.

Metro SWAT assisted with the traffic stop, which took place near Wazee Street and Speer Boulevard. But as soon as the car stopped, Delgado bailed out and took off, jumping over a retaining wall and heading down the Cherry Creek bike path.

Cops gave chase as Delgado crossed the creek, which is said to have been running high (no surprise), but he was apparently faster than they were — at least until one of the cops commandeered a B-cycle being pedaled in the area.

B-cycles don't look as if they're designed with speed in mind, but the two-wheeling cop soon caught up with Delgado and grabbed him before he could jump off a bridge into the creek.

The officer is said to have suffered a minor injury to his arm in the incident. But he still managed to corral Delgado, who was soon taken into custody.

The DPD offers a "a shout out to the citizen who didn’t mind our officer using his B-cycle!" Let's hope the story makes up for losing time on the ride. B-cycles aren't free, you know.....

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