Denver cops ask: Which of these guns are real and which are fake?

Is this a real gun -- meaning one that fires the sort of bullets that are capable of killing someone? The Denver Police Department recently posted this photo and seven others on its Facebook page along with the headline question, "CAN YOU TELL WHICH GUNS ARE REAL AND WHICH ARE FAKE?"

Look below to see each of the photos. Then, on the last page, we reveal the answers, as well as the reasons the DPD put together this quiz in the first place.

Here are the first four:

Continue to see the next four photos in the Denver Police Department's gun quiz, followed by the answers. And here's the next four: Continue to get the answers to the Denver Police Department's gun quiz, accompanied by additional photos. So...which of these guns are real and which are fake? The answer: They're all replicas.

According to DPD spokesman Sonny Jackson, the department decided to put together the quiz following a couple of recent cases, including one that took place late last week. "A party was arrested with what we discovered was a BB gun, but it looked very real," he says. "And we also contacted a couple of juveniles who had guns that looked very, very real."

With that in mind, the quiz is "more of an education thing," he continues. "It's really kind of shocking how realistic these replica guns look anymore. And some manufacturers of real guns are making ones that look fake. They're pink and other colors you wouldn't expect a gun to be."

We found some examples of this phenomenon on the Pretty Pink Arsenal blogspot. Here's a photo of a handgun that provides a new way to say, "Hello Kitty...."

while this one sports an equally bright and happy hue.... ...and this one looks like it should fire hot glue, not lead projectiles. In Jackson's view, looking at these weapons, whether they're phony or not, "just shows how challenging it can be to tell whether a gun is real or not."

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