Denver duplex explosion just the latest hash-oil disaster in Colorado

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Number 5: July 24, 2013

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, police were called to a motel on Nevada Avenue in the city in regard to a man and a woman who'd suffered what were described as severe burns.

In addition, cops received a report from another nearby location -- a business on Mount View Lane -- about the burned man. Specifically, he'd left several duffel bags in front of the business, and the items inside appeared to be pipe bombs.

The bomb squad was rushed to the scene, with a robot used to examine the bag.

Fortunately, the container didn't hold pipe bombs. Cops quickly came to the conclusion that the man had "burned himself while attempting to extract THC from marijuana using heated pipes at a nearby creek where he'd been camping," the Gazette reports.

The resulting injuries apparently didn't make the man too happy. The owner of a transmission shop told the Gazette that he'd confronted the man and accused him of stealing his stuff, after recognizing him from surveillance footage.

The man's reply? "I don't have time for you. I'm going to the hospital" -- at which point he pulled out a machete.

The transmission guy punched the man twice, at which point he went on his way -- with scorch burns on his back so nasty that layers of skin were coming off and one of his thumbs barely attached to his hand.

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