Denver duplex explosion just the latest hash-oil disaster in Colorado

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Number 3: December 18, 2013

Location: Longmont

At about 12:40 p.m. on the 18th, Fox31 reports, members of the Longmont Police Department were called to a home at 30 James Circle in the city.

The reason? Neighbors had heard an explosion -- and they definitely weren't imagining things.

The blast was centered in the garage, burning two people in the process. Witnesses reportedly saw them running out of the structure on fire.

A Longmont PD rep confirmed that an investigation of the two individuals, plus a third person, was underway in relation to possible arson -- not that they apparently intended things to go awry.

"We believe they were doing a butane extraction, trying to capture hash oil," the spokesman said.

"All it takes is one quick spark," added an arson expert with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. "The pilot light on a water heater or a furnace and kaboom."

Continue for more about six recent hash-oil explosions, and why the process is so dangerous, including more photos.
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