Strange But True

Denver Man Wants to Name Baby After Motorcycle He's Tearfully Selling

Back in 2012, we told you about a man who was selling his motorcycle on Denver Craigslist to pay for his wife's boob job.

A current seller has a less salacious reason for parting with his beloved Harley Davidson Road King Custom. The impending arrival of a new baby means he won't have as much time to spend with the two-wheeled baby that's been among the loves of his life.

But the idea of parting with his ride is breaking his heart — so much so that he suggests (jokingly, we think, although maybe not) that he wants to name his child Harley.

Here's the memorable post, complete with a link that should only be clicked if you'll lavish just as much affection on this Road King as it's original papa does.

Harley Davidson Road King Custom — $10000
It is with tears in my eyes, that I post my sweet Harley here for sale. We have spent many wondrous years together on highways across America, but alas, with a new baby about to take over my house and life, I feel that I will no longer have the same time to dedicate to my original "baby" and just hope that her adventurous destiny can be better fulfilled in a new and loving home. She has been tediously taken care of and maintained throughout the years, and while I would never say this to her face, I have invested a great deal in upgrading her appearance and comfort. Custom flame paint job across her pearly white finish, larger, more cushiony couch-like seats for his and her comfort on long road trips (happy wife's ass, happy life), and only the best custom chrome pipes to ensure that not only will you be heard, but you'll look bad-ass too. She definitely turns heads rolling into Sturgis (could've partly been my ass-less chaps, but I'm sure it was mostly her supermodel-like appearance).

Only serious buyers please. Must have a love for adventure and a longing for the open road with nothing but freedom ahead and wind in your hair/bandana/helmet/bald spot. She will no doubt change your life as she did mine, injecting a great deal of excitement and an unparalleled zest for Harley Davidson T-shirts. My only hope now is that my wife will allow me to name our child Harley...fingers crossed.

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