Denver Newspaper Agency letter declares the Denver Post to be city's surviving daily

As you can see, the logo of the Denver Newspaper Agency declares the business to be "The Publisher of the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News" -- but evidence uncovered by indefatigable Rocky business scribe David Milstead suggests that DNA officials are already preparing for the day when that's no longer the case. Moments ago, the Rocky's website published "Denver Newspaper Agency Plans for One-Newspaper Town," which reveals the existence of a letter that declares, "Effective March 1, 2009, only one major daily newspaper will serve the metro Denver market -- The Denver Post." DNA spokesman Jim Nolan emphasizes to Milstead that the letter is only a draft assembled as "part of a contingency planning effort" and hasn't been sent to any advertisers. Nevertheless, its mere existence suggests that folks within the agency aren't hanging their hats on optimistic rumors about a Rocky sale or other scenarios that might allow the tabloid to live for the long term.

Bet there are some pissed-off people in the Rocky newsroom about now.

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