Denver Post deals with 4 percent budget cut, shrinkage in features and sports sections

The newspaper industry remains under economic assault, as shown by Gannett laying off 700 employees yesterday, including two at the Fort Collins Coloradoan, not to mention the recent closure of the Denver Daily News. And the Denver Post isn't immune to these challenges. Editor Greg Moore confirms the paper's budget has been cut by 4 percent amid shrinkage in the feature and sports sections.

"It is true that we will be implementing some news hole cuts in an effort to save money," Moore notes via e-mail. "We have tried to do it smartly so as to have minimal impact on the reader experience. The fact of the matter is that we started news hole cuts in April and I don't [think] they have been all that noticeable or upsetting. The biggest adjustments will be in Features and Sports, but those are also areas where the news hole has been most generous over the past several years."

Regarding the 4 percent budget cut, Moore is confident it can be handled without resorting to layoffs. Instead, he foresees balance achieved "through continued attrition and other adjustments, including smart cuts in expenses for every department."

Moore adds that "over the last five years, we have made a number of budget reductions, but also added people to buttress our digital operation. I am happy that we have been able to maintain a quality report in print and online and continue to do ambitious journalism."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.