Denver Post Editor Warns Staff to Stop Gossiping

A lot of the most entertaining writing coming out of the Denver Post isn't intended for public consumption. Instead, it's reserved for internal memos. As evidence, consider the following missive sent out under editor Greg Moore's signature on January 22. The topic? His frustration with chatter about the alleged fate of the Rocky Mountain News.

Here's Moore's note:


Telling folks not to engage in gossip is like telling a moth to stay away from flames. But long term it is not good. Yesterday, there was a lot of time wasted speculating about The Rocky. Some of your names were connected to some of those rumors. I am also sure it was a two-way street with folks downstairs. But I would urge you all to knock it off. As you see, nothing came of it. If there is anything significant involving either paper you will, and should expect to, hear it from me. There is nothing.


Greg Moore

What the hell was that all about? Two inside sources provide slightly different answers, although both responses play on the supposition that the Rocky is in dire shape. The first mentions grapevine buzz about a 4 p.m. January 21 meeting during which execs were expected to announce that the paper was shutting down. Needless to say, such a get-together never took place. According to the second report, whisperers believed the Rocky would be bidding farewell to its physical paper but would continue as an online-only publication. This variation, which could have been fueled by Rocky editor/publisher/president John Temple's January 19 announcement about, a new website that seems like a boondoggle in the making, proved false, too. But if such jabber spurs more memos like Moore's latest, let the nonsense continue. -- Michael Roberts

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