A week or so ago, you had no idea who this was, did you?

Denver Post inserts Sarah Palin into ice-cream-store crash story

Blogger Adam Brickley's appearance on The Colbert Report is hardly the only evidence suggesting that it's suddenly become Sarah Palin's world and the rest of us are just living in it -- but the one that popped up on the Denver Post's website for a few hours on Sunday morning was particularly unfortunate. September 7's "ICE Holds Driver in Crash" tells the tragic tale of an illegal immigrant with a horrendous driving record who crashed into an Aurora Baskin-Robbins, killing two adults and a three-year old. When the story was first published online, however, its gallery of photos included a shot of veep wannabe Palin ordering a cone in a Wisconsin ice-cream shop. Either someone at the Post subsequently noticed the error or, more likely, a reader brought it to the staff's attention, because the Palin pic didn't last long. However, Westword's Dave Herrera alertly grabbed a screen capture, memorializing this embarrassing gaffe.

See the image below. -- Michael Roberts

The Palin photo is on the left, below:

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