Denver Post names alleged penis exposer Michael Garcia as mayoral candidate

At this writing, "Mayor Move Would Roil City's Politics," a Denver Post piece by Christopher Osher, lists "several city council members" as possible Denver mayoral candidates should John Hickenlooper be appointed to fill the senate seat presently occupied by Secretary of the Interior-designate Ken Salazar, including "Michael Hancock, Michael Garcia, Carol Boigon and Doug Linkhart."

Oops. Rick Garcia is a council member, representing District 1. In contrast, the best-known Michael Garcia in these parts was a onetime Democratic representative who resigned after a memorable accusation against him surfaced. As recounted in the February 5 Message Column "A Denver Daily Wouldn't Touch Michael Garcia," he and a lobbyist were reportedly part of a group that met at the Lancer Lounge to shoot pool -- and when they were alone, Garcia sidled up to the woman, exposed his penis and said, "Wouldn't this be real nice inside of you?"

That's the kind of leadership Denver needs. -- Michael Roberts

Update, 3:45 p.m. December 18: The article linked above has been corrected, albeit with no mention that a fix was made. It'll be interesting to see how tomorrow's print correction will be phrased... MR

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