Denver Post publishes first-ever ad on editorial pages -- because agency asks

In these days of declining print revenue, newspapers are more willing than ever to print advertisements where none have gone before. Case in point: Yesterday, the first-ever ad appeared on the Denver Post's editorial pages -- an accomplishment SE2, the agency that packaged it, compares to climbing Mount Everest. So how did folks there accomplish this feat? According to a blog post, "We asked." The ad in question touts ThinkAboutItColorado.org, a health-care advocacy organization. While health care is a controversial topic these days, the copy soft-sells the message in a way that likely made accepting the ad easy for business types at the Post.

Why did SE2 want the ad on the op-ed pages? "Because policy nerds like us read it and we thought the novelty of an ad in this section would get noticed," the blog item points out.

Once the Post signed off on the general concept, interim creative director Joel Hill shaped the concept with the location in mind. SE2 has been pleased with the results: "Combined with online and cable TV advertisements, The Post ad created a significant spike in visits to ThinkAboutItColorado.org and new people have signed up to support the education campaign."

And now, another frontier has opened.

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