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Reader: This Is Colorado, Damn It. It's Supposed to Snow!

A look at Denver streets on February 6, as the snow was just getting started.
A look at Denver streets on February 6, as the snow was just getting started. Denver7 via YouTube
It would appear that Denver Public Schools learned its lesson after the first big snow in the new year, when DPS decided to delay start times on February 4 instead of cancelling school altogether. But on Friday, February 7, DPS cancelled school altogether after another storm pummeled the metro area.

If reader response to DPS's decision proves anything, it's that it is hard to be a school administrator. Says Anthony: 
DPS officials gotta be from California. This is Colorado, damn it. It’s supposed to snow.
Adds Alana: 
Coloradans are getting weak and wimpy!
Explains Lori:
I'm thankful for these men/women, they have a hard job to do. I'd rather them be wrong fifty times and cancel school when it wasn't needed than for them to be fatally wrong once.
Argues Christopher:
We used to wake up to 30” thinking, "Sweet, snow day. Wait, what’s that sound? Awwww, it’s the damn school bus!" Kids are getting soft these days!
Says Eric:
I would suggest that this critic go out at 2:30 a.m. and see the conditions that determine those decisions before passing such blind judgment on those decision-makers.
Concludes Rob:
Take a snow day, people complain
Don't take a snow day, people complain
Right call, wrong call?
Anger and disdain,
Antisocial media gives outlet for them all!
The snow on February 7 was deeper than on February 4, when DPS officials declared a two-hour late start. But as many educators with whom we've spoken have told us over the years, this format often results in a wasted school day, and that's what happened this time around.

Indeed, many parents living in the district chose not to send their kids to school at all on Tuesday, resulting in attendance that was down by 50 percent or more in many facilities, according to our sources. Under these circumstances, it's pointless for teachers to introduce new material, since at least half of the pupils will instantly be behind their peers. That's why most teachers with whom we spoke shifted gears and reviewed previous material or filled extra time by showing movies.

What do you think about DPS's decision on February 4? On February 7? Let us know in a comment or at [email protected]
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