A demonstrator at a recent rally in Denver for undocumented immigrants.
A demonstrator at a recent rally in Denver for undocumented immigrants.
Brandon Marshall

Reader: Regarding Immigration, the Rule of Law Doesn't Apply to City Employees?

Immigration continues to be a divisive topic among readers and the city. We recently reported that city employees who assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers face "fines, jail time and even firing." Readers were torn about the news.

Says Stacey:

The whole point of having a sanctuary city/county stance is because it's better for local law enforcement and safety to not have the added risks of immigration enforcement tacked on to any undocumented person's interaction with the government. Its not because anyone thinks immigration should be unregulated.

The City of Denver isn't preventing employees from doing their jobs it's stopping them from doing someone else's job. ICE's job.

Argues Brian:

Really?! So the rule of law of the United States doesn’t apply to city employees? I would sue for the threat from city leaders creating a hostile work environment.

Explains Vic:

It is a great ordinance along with its accompanying executive order. It is a major step forward to have a unified response to ICE requesting that city employees violate the separation of Federal immigration s and local law enforcement activities.

Posits Mark:

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't. City law making it illegal to cooperate with authorities and federal laws requiring them to cooperate with authorities. Which penalty is worse?

Says Felipe:

Meanwhile US troops are on foreign soil all over the world committing murder in the name of US capatalism. But damn it, immigrants! Christ.

Should city employees face termination if they assist ICE agents?

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