Denver snow job could be this city's true namesake

Are we stuck with the Denver boot? Yesterday, in advance of Mayor Michael Hancock flipping a Denver omelet to promote Denver Restaurant Week, we wondered what better items were named for this city, which seems to be officially memorialized by nothing more than the Denver boot, a clamp devised to trap parking scofflaws, and the Denver omelet, a very dull dish. Sadly, we discovered that's as good as it gets. The only other culinary items we found were the Denver Bulldog, a sickly sweet variation on the White Russian that's more commonly known as a Colorado Bulldog, and the Denver Cut, a new cut of beef from the chuck roll that was introduced several years ago but never really took off.

Mayor Michael Hancock learns how to flip a Denver omelet.
Mayor Michael Hancock learns how to flip a Denver omelet.
Javid Rezvani

We took our quest to readers, one of whom offered up Denver dank. True, this town is definitely known as a marijuana mecca, but we doubt city boosters would be interested in making that official.

Any other nominations out there? After the incredibleweather changes of the last twelve hours, when the temperature dropped fifty degrees and the skies dropped many inches of snow on the city, we're tempted to go with this: Denver Snow Job.

Michael Hancock can flip an omelet -- but did he lay an egg on this snowstorm? See pics of his photo op yesterday, see" Photos: Mayor Michael Hancock breaks a few eggs at Johnson and Wales."

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