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Reader: Teach Transplants How to Drive in Snow Instead of Shaming Them

Reader: Teach Transplants How to Drive in Snow Instead of Shaming Them
Poor transplants. They're the butt of every driving-related joke come winter, mostly because of all those pesky Texas and California plates we always see (or think we see) hauling ass down a major street during a snowstorm. Even the Denver Police Department recently called out transplants for their driving.

Well, readers have some of their own opinions to share about drivers this snowy week.

Aislynne says:
I got hit yesterday by someone who was driving too fast for conditions and tried to turn into the park-and- ride and slammed into me.... Slowing down, taking your time and giving yourself extra braking distance are all important.
Mark adds:
Friendly words from your neighborhood mechanic. Slow the fuck down. Leave distance. DO NOT SLAM ON YOUR BRAKES! Check your tires for proper tread. And my favorite......DON’T BE A DICK!!!!
Jeff advises:
Being present is also huge. Everyone drives around with their heads down like they’re praying these days.
 Olivia speaks on behalf of transplants:
Us transplants are the ones that know how to drive in ice and snow. Also, we don't run over people in crosswalks.
Joshua adds:
So-called natives prob wouldn’t be able to survive in Midwestern snow. The last few big snows here were cleaned up off the road for the most part in the same day. I have friends who still live in central and southern Indiana. They had 7 inches a week ago and there’s still snow combined with damn near subzero temps. Everyone needs to get over the transplant nonsense; they aren’t gonna quit coming????
Pamela responds:
It’s always easy to point to “transplants” and imply they’re the ones who don’t know how to drive in snow. I’d bet $ that there is also a segment of locals who become overly confident and aren’t as cautious as they should be. In short, safety reminders are helpful for everyone, I don’t know why they need to suggest it’s “transplants” who are mostly at fault for causing accidents — unless they have actual data that demonstrates that it’s true. And if that’s the case, how about more outreach to educate new comers about snow driving instead of just shaming them?
And Kevin concludes:
In other news, Colorado natives shocked to find out that MOST other states also have seasonal snow. ????????
Keep reading for more stories about transplants and snow.

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