Denver's a "liberal sh*thole"? Maybe, but it still could host the 2016 Republican convention

Update: Earlier today, we noted that the Republican National Committee was on the cusp of determining the finalist sites to host the Grand Old Party's 2016 convention. Denver was one of eight contestants -- and a short time ago, the Mile HIgh City made the final cut, along with Cleveland, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Dallas and Kansas City. (Phoenix and Columbus, Ohio were eliminated.) Denver's accomplishment will make some of those who posted on the RNC Facebook page happy, but plenty more displeased. See the ten most memorable posts in our previous coverage below.

Original post, 8:57 a.m.: Later today, the Republican National Committee is expected to announce which cities vying to host the 2016 GOP convention will make it to the next round of consideration. Denver is up against three key cities in Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati), plus Las Vegas, Dallas, Phoenix and Kansas City.

Who'll move on? Well, the debate among commenters on the RNC Facebook page features some love for Denver, but quite a bit of hate as well. Read the ten most memorable takes below.

Denver is a liberal shithole, Kansas City is a Democrat strong hold with high crime, low jobs, and blight, Ditto for Cleveland, and Vegas is Harry Reid country ...That leaves Dallas.....

Not Denver

Come on! We need some conservative enthusiasm in Denver! Really, it should be a no brainer!

NOT DENVER!!! It's a lost cause and owned by the Democrats. No need to give them more money.

Denver us conservatives here need your help. We want the liberals here to hear the conservatives loud and strong. We need you to convert them.

Screw Denver. Go to Cincinnati and wrap up Ohio.

Dallas not Denver. Colorado is way to liberal.

Salt lake city ok Denver, keep Vegas out of it, . Too many distractions.

Denver!!! Or SLC., give me free tickets!

Denver hosted the Dems, so Denver should now host the Republicans, for a cleansing effect!

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