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Diamond Lucero allegedly celebrated his birthday by molesting two kids

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This month, Greeley's Diamond Lucero turned twenty -- and if police reports are accurate, the event marking that milestone was memorable in all the wrong ways.

Lucero is accused of molesting two children under age ten during a party in his honor.

According to an arrest affidavit cited by 7News, a bash for Lucero took place at a Greeley residence on August 14, a little over a week after his August 5 birthday, with a number of the attendees being far younger than him -- including a nine-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy whose stepmother appears to have alerted authorities to a possible crime mere hours after it took place.

During the celebration, these two kids were in an upstairs bedroom when Lucero allegedly offered cash in exchange for them taking off their clothes. The kids wisely refused, with the girl threatening to tell her mom -- at which point Lucero is said to have prevented them from leaving and then grabbed her behind.

She responded by slapping him, she told police.

As for the seven year old, the police report quotes him as saying that Lucero tried to coax him into performing oral sex while the girl watched.

And that's not all. A six year old at the party said Lucero had exposed himself to her at a previous get-together -- one that took place when she was five.

These aren't the first accusations of their kind against Lucero. According to Greeley Police, he's a sex offender as a result of what's described as "aggravated incest on a female family member" circa 2005. His failure to register with the proper authorities resulted in a court date even before his latest troubles -- and he's also said to be on probation for a theft conviction.

Lucero was taken into custody on August 18, for charges enumerated in this excerpt from the Greeley Police Department's arrested report:

LUCERO, DIAMOND arrested:08/18/12 at 1:08


Booking Number: 12-10621


Gender: Male

Arrested for: 1099-KIDNAPPING - FREE TEXT /Bail: $500,000.00

Arrested for: 3699-SEX OFFENSE FREE TEXT /Bail: $500,000.00

Arrested for: 3699-SEX OFFENSE FREE TEXT /Bail: $500,000.00

Arrested for: 1199- SEX ASSAULT FREE TEXT /Bail: $500,000.00

Arrested for: 1199- SEX ASSAULT FREE TEXT /Bail: $500,000.00

Arrested for: 3605-INDECENT EXPOSURE /Bail: $500,000.00

Arrested for: 3605-INDECENT EXPOSURE /Bail: $500,000.00

That's five felonies and two misdemeanors, all for a birthday party that seems to have gone terribly wrong.

Here's a larger look at Lucero's booking photo, followed by the complete arrest affidavit:

Diamond Lucero Arrest Affidavit

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