Did 9News' bizarre Willie Clark interview justify its existence?

Last night, 9News scored a mighty strange scoop. The station aired an interview by investigator Paula Woodward with Willie Clark, the man charged with murdering Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams on New Years Day 2007, as well as Kalonniann Clark, who was killed in December 2006 shortly before she was scheduled to testify in an attemped murder trial. But rather than discussing any of that, Clark rambled semi-coherently about his innocence in another matter -- an accusation that he'd hidden a makeshift shank made from an orange plastic spoon in his cell. The only spoon he'd been given was white, he insisted.

I wish 9News' promotions had done a better job of letting viewers know in advance that Clark had refused to discuss the most important topics. But after watching the presentation, I don't fault the outlet for devoting two minutes of airtime to it. The segment makes it clear that Clark is a twisted, combustible piece of work. And if he's capable of working himself into a frenzy over, well, Spoongate, couldn't he have done likewise in the cases of Darrent Williams and Kalonniann Clark?

Watch the video below and come to your own conclusions. -- Michael Roberts

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