Dino Costa back in Denver for Sirius XM Jets-Broncos coverage & he invites critics to drop by

Dino Costa was among the most controversial Denver sports-radio personalities in recent memory. But after the 2009 crash and burn of DenverSportsRadio.com and a brief stint on The Truth, he got a national gig on Sirius XM, and was soon kicking ass. Now, he's returning to Denver for the Broncos-Jets game, and while here, he's broadcasting two live shows at the Tavern Downtown. To say he's psyched is putting it mildly.

The New York-based Costa, who'll be on the mike at the Tavern on Thursday immediately after the game and Friday evening as well, is embarking on what he calls "Dino's Tour Across America." It's slated to hit five cities over the next few months, and "there was only one place to start," he writes via e-mail -- "my still-adopted hometown of Denver.

"It will beyond a thrill to be back in the Mile High City, where I have nothing but tremendous memories," he adds. "I can't wait to get back there."

Not that the connection between him and Colorado had been cut.

"I've routinely heard from listeners from Colorado on my Sirius XM shows the last few years, and I hope to see a few of them when I'm in town doing these broadcasts," he notes. "With my style and big mouth, I'm equally loved and hated, so I hope to see a few of my critics at the Dowtown Tavern as well."

Of course, Costa has never been accused of selling himself short -- and he certainly doesn't when discussing his Sirius occupation. "I'm now working into my third year at SXM," he points out. "The show has exploded across the country, and the last person who is surprised by these developments is myself."

As for the prospect of Costa someday returning to Denver for more than a brief visit -- well, here's how he puts it: "Since I've relocated back east, I've not lost an ounce of enthusiasm for Denver, for Colorado, for the entire mountain west region... never say never."

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