Dino Costa joins The Truth

For the past several weekends, The Truth, at 101.5 FM, has broadcast music, as opposed to offering the sort of right-wing syndicated blather that dominates its airwaves Monday through Friday. But this particular aspect of its format has already gone through as many personalities as the famously three-faced Eve. First up: full-monty stripper music reminiscent of the stunt format called The Pole. Then soft-rock and easy-listening fare. And finally, a schizophrenic blend of the two, with some dated '80s dance tuneage tossed in for weird measure.

This past weekend, though, the approach seemed to solidify, more or less. The mix, such as it is, features grind-heavy rock (I've heard Ratt's "Round and Round" for three weekends in a row -- hooray!), ballads and less metallic '70s stuff (Fleetwood Mac's "Sara," Electric Light Orchestra's "Strange Magic"), and the occasional wild card from the '80s (Paul Young's "Every Time You Go Away"). All in all, not terrible. But fair warning: I will turn the channel whenever you play Phil Collins. No joke.

In the meantime, the station has added a new element: a pre- and post-game Broncos show starring controversial yapper Dino Costa. This past spring, as you may recall, Costa was promoting, an ambitious attempt to create a locally focused Internet sports-talk station. But while continues to operate, albeit with an extraordinarily low profile in spite of contributors such as Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla, Costa is no longer part of the project. Getting people to dial in for Bronco talk in the hours before and after a game will undoubtedly be a challenge even by someone as confident as him, since The Truth isn't otherwise a sports outlet. (Indeed, that's one of the few things it's not thus far.) But expect the indefatigable Costa to make as much noise as possible from his latest outpost anyhow.

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