Do women love John Hickenlooper more than men hate him?

A new poll finds John Hickenlooper leading four Republican challengers in the 2014 governor's race. But the gender gap in the survey is more like a chasm, with men backing each of the GOP hopefuls but women favoring Hick by an even larger margin.

We've got a numbers breakdown, supplemented with photos, a video and the complete results.

The poll, conducted by Quinnipac University, shows Hickenlooper leading former Congressman Tom Tancredo, who unsuccessfully ran for guv in 2010, by 47-40 percent -- two points less than last month, but by quite a bit more than in surveys last year: However, this lead wouldn't exist without the strong support of women. As noted by Quinnipac, men are behind Tancredo by 47-42 percent, but women prefer Hickenlooper by 53-34 percent. The phenomenon repeats itself in the case of Secretary of State Scott Gessler. Overall, he trails Hickenlooper 48-38 percent.... ...but he actually leads Hick among men, 44-41 percent. In contrast, women back Hickenlooper 55-32 percent. Ditto that for another ex-Congressman, Bob Beauprez, a comparatively new entrant into the fray -- hence the lack of figures from previous surveys. He's behind Hickenlooper by 48-39 percent.... ...but would presumably win if only men voted, by 46-41 percent. Of course, women can cast ballots, too, and they like Hickenlooper a lot more: 55-33 percent. Also part of the poll for the first time is former state senator Mike Kopp. Hickenlooper leads him by 47-38 percent.... ...but is behind Kopp among men by 44-40 percent. Hickenlooper gets much more support from women in a head-to-head match-up with Kopp, though. The percentage is 54-32 percent.

Last year, plenty of political observers felt Hickenlooper's reelection bid was weakened by his decision not to bless the execution of convicted multiple-murderer Nathan Dunlap, and the Quinnipac survey shows the gun-control measures he supports remain generally unpopular. But if the Republican challengers can't carve away some of Hickenlooper's support among women in the next few months, or convince an even greater number of men to jump on board, they're still going to have a mighty tough time winning.

Here's a Quinnipac video about the results, followed by the complete document.

Quinnipac University Poll: Colorado Governor Race April 2014

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