Does Barack Obama see Colorado as his (stimulating) good-luck charm?

Stevie Wonder, one of President Barack Obama's favorite performers, famously sang, "When you believe in things that you don't understand/Then you will suffer/Superstition ain't the way." Nonetheless, Obama seems to have a superstitious streak, especially when it comes to Denver -- and that could prove to be a good thing for Coloradans.

As we all know, Obama accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidency here, and the electoral coalition his team assembled in the state is widely regarded to have been a key to his eventual victory nationwide; eyeball details in the January 16 blog "Colorado is First State Among Equals in NBC Correspondent Chuck Todd's New Obama Election Book." And now, as noted in Patricia Calhoun's Wake-Up Call entry this morning, Obama is signing his first major piece of legislation -- the $787 billion stimulus package -- at Denver's Museum of Nature and Science tomorrow.

Is the Big O hoping that a little more of that Mile High magic will rub off on his risky initiative? Probably so -- and bet even Stevie Wonder (not to mention the folks at Visit Denver) approve.

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