Does Washington have the cure for what the health-care system did to Jennifer Latham?

"You're in Bad Hands," Alan Prendergast, February 11

An Unhealthy

Let's look at some numbers, shall we? Yes, Jennifer Latham won. But who else? Time Insurance denied 8,500 claims worth $150,000,000. That means the average denied claim was for about $18,000. Now Time Insurance is paying Jennifer $37 million. That means it saved 150M - 37M = up to $113,000,000 for driving into bankruptcy most of those 8,500 claimants, who got zip. What is Time's incentive for being honest?

See, unlike AIG and its bailout cash, Time already has its scam perfected; its corporate pigs can just keep going back to the trough for more and more "bonus money." Jail terms is what its executives need. Time Insurance is laughing all the way from the bank.

Gene W. Edwards

Colorado Springs

Good — now they will just raise everyone's premiums to make up the difference.

John Davis

Tampa, Florida

Incredible. I have the highest admiration for your work on the story of Jennifer Latham and Time Insurance. When I had an organ transplant many years ago, my insurance company denied payment for the harvest operation and the helicopter transport of my new liver. What? No parts or freight?

Colleen Feely


It's time to stop bickering about "socialized medicine" and all that other nonsense. This is life and death, not some stupid game. Health care insurance is a scam. They enjoy immunity from anti-trust laws and have made record profits this year — while people can't afford insurance and hospitals are facing budget shortfalls. Do we ever wonder where the money is going? Insurance that only covers you when you are healthy isn't insurance, and there is no excuse for the number of people who die from 100 percent preventable and treatable diseases in one of the richest nations in the world.

Brian Jackson

Posted at

Yes, people, not only do we have to send a message to Washington, but to the insurance companies as well...enough! Is it too late?

James Gibson

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"The Pluot Thickens," Marty Meitus, February 11

Thanks for the Taste

One of the things I have missed the most about the Rocky Mountain News is Marty Meitus. Reading her pieces was always like having a chat with a good friend.

So I was thrilled to read her Cafe piece, and to learn what she's been doing in her time away from the paper. The Tasting Cafe is exactly the kind of project I'd expect from her: smart, practical...and fun. I hope she gets another grant so that the program can expand!

And thanks to Westword for giving Meitus the time and space to tell this story.

Julie Schmidt


We hate okra, too. In gumbo, we use quartered slices of zucchini.

Karen Morrissey


I realize there are plenty of Denverites who thought Jason Sheehan was full of himself and that his reviews were more about writing than wasabi...but come on, people, dude could write. He had the ability to talk about food with flair, and honestly, that's why I picked up Westword every week. I'm from Chicago, and I am a self-proclaimed food snob, which has allowed me to see that Sheehan had a way of finding the (very few) restaurant gems that Denver has to offer, as well as steering us away from the disasters. He did both with the talent of a storyteller, something the bulk of Denver reporters lack. (Sorry, I did choose to live here, but I also speak the truth.)

I have no interest in the current Cafe articles. Please find someone who knows how to pick up a pen as deftly as he/she can pick up a fork!

Natasha Kasprzyk


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