Dog the Bounty Hunter dissed by Perez Hilton as "racist douchebag"

Local fave Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, is getting widely varied treatment from a pair of powerful websites.

RadarOnline comes to Chapman's defense over a lawsuit filed in Colorado Springs by a man claiming to have been defamed by his on-camera arrest. In contrast, Perez Hilton uses this item as an excuse to dub Dog a "racist douchebag."

The RadarOnline piece focuses on Hoang Nguyen, who was busted by Dog and his crew back in April 2009. Nguyen had several outstanding warrants against him, not to mention a reported double-digit arrest record for alleged offenses ranging from domestic violence to theft.

Nonetheless, Nguyen sued Chapman in El Paso County court on April 21 of this year. Why? It seems that Dog and company told Colorado Springs police that they'd shot him with pepper pellets after he'd fired a gun at them -- a statement that was "false, and known to the Chapmans... to be false," the lawsuit claims.

As a result, the suit continues, Nguyen was arrested and accused with first-degree murder -- and while that charge was later dismissed, the lawsuit claims that "as a result of the Defendant's conduct, Nguyen's reputation was damaged due to the criminal charges and he lost his job in Colorado Springs, which was a significant loss of earnings for Nguyen. Because Nguyen could only find employment in Denver, he was forced to move from Colorado Springs to Denver."

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Oh yeah: "All of the false statements made by the Defendants... were published to third persons with actual malice and with reckless indifference to the truth or falsity of the statements published and with reckless indifference to the rights and feelings of the Plaintiff," the suit states.

Whatever the case, Nguyen is fully capable of getting in trouble without Dog's help. RadarOnline reports that earlier this week, an arrest warrant was filed against Nguyen "for failure to file proof of completion of a public service program stemming from a 2008 charge of driving with a suspended license. He got a deferred sentence pending completion of the program and now faces a hearing to revoke the deferred sentence."

The RadarOnline post ends with Dog's pals defending their guy -- but that apparently had zero impact on the author of the PerezHilton.com item "Arrest Warrant Out Against Man Suing Bounty Hunter."

The article begins with the line, "Brace yourself to read about douchebaginess of epic proportions," includes the aside, "Excuse us for a moment, while we take a shower before continuing to write about this," and concludes with the following:

Nguyen: You've been arrested more than 12 times. Dog: You're a racist douchebag.

Is there a way this can work out poorly for both of you? We really hope so.

One more thing: The photo of Dog accompanying the PerezHilton.com salvo sports the scrawl "I really suck. LOLs."

Wonder if there are some pepper pellets with Hilton's name on them?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.