Dog the Bounty Hunter to Breckenridge bar patron: "Come on, white boy!"

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Update: TMZ has published a video of a melee at a Breckenridge restaurant in which Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman can be seen yelling "Come on, white boy!" at a man who threw a plant at him. It's quickly becoming a web sensation -- but a pro-Dog witness who was at the scene says much of what TMZ and the Summit Daily News have reported about the case and its background is wrong.

For one thing, TMZ stated that the bail-jumper sought by Dog and his crew -- Laurencio Salayandia -- had been charged with breaking and entering, but that's not quite right. According to an arrest affidavit from Weld County, Salayandia was suspected of first-degree burglary in a case that involved two other men, Omar Sanchez and his brother Jose. The trio allegedly broke into the home of a man who is said to have owed the Sanchezes money for drugs. Police believe the Sanchezes packed .380 caliber pistols -- and shots were reportedly fired as they attempted to make their escape. Omar Sanchez said Salayandia was also armed, with a small gray revolver, but he denied that in an interview with authorities in which he rolled over on his cohorts. But he did admit to essentially staking out the victim's home, calling the Sanchezes when he left, and accompanying them during the burglary.

The La Montana Linda Restaurant in Breckenridge is owned by Salayandia's son, which is why Chapman and his retinue went there. They entered through the kitchen, and the witness says the conversation that followed was actually quite calm -- not as portrayed by a person quoted in the Daily News, who says Dog pushed the owner's mother. However, the witness says the vibe changed when certain Salayandia relatives and patrons began "talking shit" and stirring up drama. The witness says Chapman never hit or accosted anyone -- but as tensions rose, someone sprayed cleaning fluid in the face of a Dog crew member and "got bopped" as a result.

And he was the only one, the witness insists -- a claim that echoes reports from the Breckenridge Police Department. Other people present insist that two people had been assaulted, including one guy pictured below with a black eye. But the source with whom we spoke insisted that this particular person didn't show any signs of injury when the Chapman bunch left the restaurant.

In addition, the witness says the person seen outside the restaurant throwing a plant at Chapman, prompting Dog's "Come on, white boy!" line, wasn't the owner but a patron -- the same one who'd been crunched earlier. Moreover, while Chapman clearly talks about a stun gun, the witness is adamant that he didn't actually brandish one.

Thus far, no one has been charged in the case. Look below for a photo of Salayandia and our earlier coverage.

Original post, 8:12 a.m. July 13: Perez Hilton once dubbed Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman a racist douchebag. But can he really be called a racist for yelling "Come on, white boy!" at a Caucasian?

That's one of the many questions that arises from an incident in Breckenridge caught on a video currently blowing up at TMZ.

The celeb-u-tastic website reports that Dog and his crew showed up last Thursday at Breckenridge's La Montana Linda Restaurant in search of the owner's father, an alleged bail jumper facing B&E charges. As seen in the video, the Dog pack faced some serious heckling from people in the kitchen area, where they gained entry to the eatery, prompting one member of Chapman's posse to declare, "I'm not a superstar... I can fuck you up and not get charged."

In an apparent test of that theory, another Dog pal can be seen throwing a punch that momentarily interrupts the clip -- and prevents the camera operator from capturing what TMZ describes as a "brawl" during which one patron got punched in the eye, as seen in these photos:

The video resumes with Dog and the owner confronting each other outside the restaurant. Dog bellows, "Come on, white boy! Come on, white boy! Come on, motherfucker!" -- prompting the owner to chuck a plant in Chapman's direction. In response, one of Dog's minions physically rips the guy's shirt off, after which Chapman brandishes, but doesn't use, a stun gun.

TMZ quotes a source who says Dog accuses the restaurant owner of taunting him as a "half-breed," a term that presumably precipitated the "white boy" references. Another claim: The fight started because one of Dog's men was sprayed in the face with cleaning fluid.

Said fluid also gets mentioned in a Summit Daily News account of what happened. According to the paper, the scrap caused chairs and tables to be knocked over. And while witnesses say two people were assaulted amid the mayhem -- including one who reportedly needed fifteen stitches to close his wound and the fellow above -- Breckenridge police insist the number was actually one. They add that an investigation is underway to determine if a crime was committed but otherwise decline to comment further.

Meanwhile, Josh Moses, who says he was victimized in the melee, tells the News he's pursuing a civil suit.

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